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Inventory Visibility & Order Tracking

If you've concerned about the lack of visibility of your Inventory and Orders by using an Outsourced warehouse Solution, then don't be, A Hoepners Solution Can Provide You With Round the Clock Internet Access To Your Inventory...

Our Sophisticated IT System gives you complete access to your inventory through a simple web portal. All you need to do is login through our online portal, and you can quickly and accurately gather information regarding your inventory.

The system also lets you...

  • Receive orders via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Trace and Track your Inventory
  • Confirm Order Status
  • See What is Stock is available to Sell
  • With fast easy downloads to Excel for further anaylsis

The system is fully compliant with major retailers SSCC Labels requirements, and lets you stay in control of your Inventory Management Solution from the convenience of your own office.

To find out more about our Inventory Management and IT Systems Solutions, Please Contact Us.


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